What is STAIRS School Football League?

Stairs school football league is an initiative of STAIRS to promote football at grassroots level. The main objective of creating this league is to promote football and provide an organized structure to enable growth of talent. The league intends to develop a well-organized grassroots youth development program, which will be committed towards organizing structured professional training. The idea is that every enthusiastic child gets an equal opportunity to play in the league.

How old is SSFL?

The league started in 2014 in New Delhi - NCR.

When will the SSFL 2015 edition begin?

Games will be played back-to-back startingAugust 27, 2015 .The inaugural match is on August 26, 2015. The STAIRS School Football finals will be played in November, 2015.

How many schools are participating in SSFL 2?

288 schools are participating in SSFL 2, making it the biggest school-level league in India.

What will be the venue for this League/Tournament?

The STAIRS School Football League (SSFL) will be officially launched on August 26, 2015 at Thyagraj Sports Complex, New Delhi. League matches at over 10 different venues across four zones in Delhi while the semi-final and final games will be played at the central venue. All the school teams intending to participate also have to go through the qualifier rounds.

Can I/ my school participate in SSFL 2?

The event is solely meant for the children under 14 years and under 17 years of age (Boys & Girls).

My School does not have sports facility. Can I participate?

Yes. This initiative is for the students, they can form their own team provided all students are form the same school and have valid Identity cards.

Can I participate as an individual footballer?

No. You can participate as a part of your school football team.

Can Pass out or ex-students also participate?

No. This initiative is only for school going children;it’s not open to pass out students.

What is the format of play of SSFL?

The league follows the FIFA World Cup format.

What rules does SSFL follow?

SSFL follows the FIFA guidelines.

Who is part of SSFL selection committee?

The selection committee is made up of select individuals with professional playing football experience. Members of the selection committee include former coaches, student-athletes, administrators, journalists and current athletics directors and sports enthusiasts.

Can a team automatically qualify for the playoff?

No team will automatically qualify. Every team will have equal access to the playoff based on its performance.

How much will participation in the League cost ?

It is absolutely free, no student or school pays anything to register.

How to register a team?

Registration forms are uploaded on the website. Schools can download the form from our website www.ssfl.in , fill and submit it online or post it to our postal address given on the website.

I need help I can’t understand how to fill the form ?

You can write to us at info@ssfl.in and we will repond.

Who pays for the travel and lodgingfor the finals ?

SSFL is a part of STAIRS which is an NGO. Teams will be required to make their own arrangements for lodging and transportation.

How many players can register?

Roasters have minimum of 16 and max of 30 players that can register

Can girls also play in the League?

In SSFL 2015, 32 girls teams are participating and this makes SSFL one-of-its-kind football tournament that also propagates ‘gender parity’.

What is the age category?

Under 14 & Under 17 for both girls and boys teams

Will we be provided any kit to play?

Yes. Full kits are provided to the teams that qualify for semifinals and Finals only.

Will players be given refreshment during matches ?

Yes refreshments will be provided to players during the matches

What is the duration of play?

Football matches are for a duration of 90 minutes with half time at 45 minutes.

What are the match rules?

Detailed rules can be found here.

Where can we see the results for the conducted matches?

Results will be put on ourwebsite www.ssfl.in within 4 hours after completion of each match.

Is my school in SSFL 2?

Find out about your school here

Will the league help in talent spotting my talent?

The league has become one of the most significant ‘talent spotting’ platforms for clubs and bodies seeking to acquire talent at an early age. While many officials and individuals from professional bodies keep their eyes on the budding players during the matches, selectors from international foreign clubs watch ‘live streaming’ of important matches and even call for recorded videos to assess the performance of promising players. If you are good you will shine through.

What was the participation in SSFL 2014?

In the first edition of SSFL last year, over 500 schools had applied out of which only 128 could qualify to participate in the league.

Does Stairs have a team?

Yes we do. STAIRS fields six teams (under-14 and under-17) that get a wild card entry to the event as they are selected through spotting camps across Delhi and then trained by professionals. In 2015, STAIRS team comprises players chosen out of a wide array of over 4,000 sportspersons from across Delhi. In 2014, the STAIRS team had ranked fourth in the tournament.

Is my school in SSFL 2?

Find out about your school here

Do you have a queston that is not listed? Please email us at info@ssfl.in and be sure to get your question answered ASAP!



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